1. LUX - screenings & box office
2. Pavilion - talks & drink
3. Vlaams Arsenaal - video library

Delegate Information

Delegates List

Would you like to know who attended Go Short? The complete list of guests who have confirmed their stay is available in the Delegates List.
Update: 23-04-2015

Accreditation requests

Film professionals, film students and press can request an accreditation. This accreditation identifies you as a professional visitor and is strictly personal. An accreditation gives you access to all festival screenings, industry events and the video library including Dutch Platform. It also includes a festival bag exclusively designed for Go Short by Stephen Irwin and a festival catalogue. Please note that tickets to screenings and events are free of charge for pass holders, but it is necessary to pick up a ticket in advance at the box office.

The accreditation deadline has expired. Late accreditation applications can be requested by sending an email to

Industry Office

Should you have any questions regarding accreditation requests or attending Go Short 2015, please contact:

Go Short
Industry Office
Fay Breeman, Lieneke Grollé & Amber Nefkens
+31 (0)24-6636789

Video Library

The video library will be open to all delegate and press visitors. The library holds all films in this year's festival program. In addition, our Dutch Platform holds an extensive collection of recent shorts from different academies, institutes, distributors and production companies in the Netherlands.

Program highlights Go Short 2015

• European Competition, Dutch Competition and Breaking Shorts Student
• Country in Focus: Baltic states
• Director in Focus: Gunhild Enger (Norway)
• Theme in Focus: Generation I
• Retrospective: Yann Gonzalez (France)

Industry activities

• Go Short Industry Day on Friday 10 April 2015
• Short Film Pitch with new Dutch productions on Saturday 11 April 2015
• Video Library including the Dutch Platform (an extended catalogue of Dutch
shorts), open 8–12 April 2015
• Market screenings with recent Dutch short films
• Workshops & Seminars
• Daily drinks & Parties

You can see the entire program here

Can I still register for the Industry Day?

It is only possible to register for the Industry Day during the festival at our Industry Desk, which is located in the festival pavilion on the Marienburg square.

Are the films subtitled?

Yes, all films are either English spoken or English subtitled.

Do I have to get a ticket when the entry is free?

You have to get tickets for free events which tike place in LUX. You can get the tickets at the box office or order online. Tickets aren't required for free events at the pavillion.

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