Locations & info
1. LUX - Mariënburg 38-39
2. Pavilion - Mariënburgplein
3. Merleyn – Hertogstraat 13
4. Brebl - Honig Complex, Waalbandijk 22
5. Honig Complex
6. De Ster, Queenstraat 37b1, Lent


The box office at LUX opens 15 minutes before the start of the first film. To avoid lines we recommend buying tickets online. For free events at LUX tickets are available at the box office, for the pavilion tickets are not needed.

  Door Online
Film € 9,00 € 9,00
Film Thu & Fri before 18:00 € 7,00 € 7,00
Student - CJP € 7,00 € 7,00
€ 0,00 € 0,00

Strippenkaart (5-in-1) € 40,00
Day Pass Saturday € 40,00
Day Pass Sunday € 35,00
Weekend Pass (Sat & Sun) € 55,00

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the films subtitled?

Yes, all films are either English spoken or English subtitled.

Do I need a ticket when the admission is free?

You do need a ticket for free events taking place at LUX, which you can pick up at the box office or order online. Tickets are not required for the free events at the pavilion.

Can I visit the festival in my wheelchair?

No problem! All screening rooms are wheelchair accesible. We do need to reserver a wheelchair spot for you, so please let us know which screenings you would like to attend by calling 0900-5894636.