\"I was amazed our film even made it to your selection!\"

"I was amazed our film even made it to your selection!"

Sunday, April 12nd 2015

After careful consideration, the juries have voiced their opinion: the Go Short awards have been announced!

The NTR Go Short awards for best European short film went to House of Unconsciousness, Hotel Strauss Mountain, Planet Σ and Aissa. These were awarded respectively in the categories of Animation, Documentary, Art Film and Fiction. Priit Tender, the Estonian filmmaker of House of Unsconsciousness made himself instantly popular with the audience: "The Netherlands is becoming my favorite country. I've been trying to find a house here", he said.

Jan Soldat, winner in the category of documentary with his short film Hotel Strausberg was the most surprised of all. Soldat, whose Hotel Strausberg is situated in a camp for fetishists, stepped on the stage as a surprised winner: "I was amazed our film even made it to your selection!".

The VEVAM Go Short Award for best Dutch short film went to Among Us by Guido Hendrikx. This documentary provides insight into the world of three pedophiles: how they deal with a predilection that is rejected by society and by themselves. The film is neither apologetic nor judgmental and gives utterance to thoughts that we would normally condemn immediately. Among Us also received the Format Court Award. "It's the most difficult film we've ever made", producer Erik Glijnis told us when he was awarded the prize.

Power, raw emotion and skill
The Dioraphte Encouragement Award in the Breaking Shorts competition for student films went to Mother Earth. The jury's comments were very positive: "It was impossible to ignore the power, raw emotion and skill with which this film was made. The filmmaker managed to surprise us and to touch every aspect of this wonderful work. "

Finally, the Youth Award went to If Mama is not Happy, Nobody's Happy by the Dutch filmmaker Mea de Jong. In this film De Jong delves through her family history with her mother, four generations of strong women have always lived without a husband. Her mother is proud of this, but the daughter has her doubts.

Comical Cosmonauts
Every year there is also a battle for the public's vote. The winner of the Go Short Audience Award 2015 was announced on Sunday in the first Audience Favorites screening: We Can not Live Without Cosmos by the Russian filmmaker Konstantin Bronzit. A heartwarming animation short about two cosmonauts, who really touched the Go Short visitors.

photo: Laura Hendrikx

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