Meeting point opened!

Meeting point opened!

Thursday, April 9th 2015

It has begun. Last night Go Short opened with a packed room. Festival director Kirsten Ruber enthusiastically welcomed all fans and creators of short films. "I am proud of the meeting point that Go Short has become."

An international meeting point, which was evident from the number hands that went into the air when she asked which attendees were foreign.

Then filmmaker Gunhild Enger made her entrance as our filmmaker in focus. Unfortunately, because of her tight schedule the Norwegian director could be there in time for the opening. So she send us a video message from a mysterious desert-like environment with a caravan in the background: "It's an honor to be guest of honor. I'm excited to come and see you guys at the festival."

The people behind Supporting Film were there in person though. Since April 1 this "film about watching films" is screened in several Dutch cinemas a prefeature short, but creator Douwe Dijkstra admitted that this opening screening felt like "the real premiere".

Then the lights went out and the projector went on. My HoneymoonPLANET ∑reCuiem and Yes We Love were screened after Supporting Film. Missed the opening? All films will also be screened in the competition program.

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