Cats promote catmovies

Cats promote catmovies

Friday, April 10th 2015

Did you see our feline ambassadors walking through town Thursday evening? They definitely got plenty of stares.

“Why are you promoting this if it’s completely sold out?” is the first reaction. Indeed, tickets for the Thursday show were sold like hotcakes. But fortunately there will be an extra show on Sunday at 5 pm. To spread the good news, two Go Short-ladies dressed up like cats and got into town.

They drank a glass of milk in the festival cafe, had selfies taken, nuzzled up against festival visitors and patted people on the head (“Good, they fixed my hairdo.”). Then they went further into town. Not an easy task with gigantic cat heads: they had to avoid poles, trudge down stairs and ignore insults (“The aliens are back!”). Fortunately there were also people who were happy to pose for the camera with them, or feed them a fry.

And of course they ran into fans of cat films. Although some of them didn’t exactly warm up to the idea of watching Cat Shorts. “I sometimes watch clips 1.5 hour straight on You Tube. I probably know all cat videos already.” She thought wrong: You Tube Cats is only the dessert. The block before that, Cat Shorts, in co-operation with the Cat Video Festival Vienna, brings you some of the finest feline movies. So don’t hesitate to come and watch on Sunday at 5 pm.

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