And the winners are...

And the winners are...

Saturday, April 11st 2015

Each year we select the best European films, but we also take it a step further and give awards to the best of the best. Our two international juries and the youth jury worked overtime to watch all the films in our competition programs. Tonight they announced which films made the biggest impression on them.

NTR Go Short Awards for Best European Short Films


Winner: Hotel Straussberg - Jan Soldat (photo)

A daring yet tender and humane observation that does not make easy spectacle of its subject matter.

Special Mention: Super Unit - Teresa Czepiec

Thought-provoking parallels between cinema and architecture were drawn in this human and fluid portrait of an enclosed community.

Priit Tender
foto: Willie Kerkhof,


Winner: House of Unconsciousness  - Priit Tender

A feast of fantasy using rich animation language that constantly transforms in surreal ways.

Special Mention: We Can't Live Without Cosmos - Konstantin Bronzit

A funny and nuanced twist on the heroism narrative that is also a genuinely warm tale about friendship.

Art Film

Winner: Planet ∑  - Momoko Seto

A visually stunning creation of an alternate universe with an otherworldly soundscape. It merges micro and macro elements inventively.


Winner: Aïssa - Clément Tréhin-Lalanne

Refreshingly concise and socio-politically resonant with a very strong central performance, this film raised a lot of questions in a challenging way.

VEVAM Go Short Award Winner Best Dutch Short Film

Winner: Among Us - Guido Hendrikx
A film that puts us into the uncomfortable situation between rejection of and empathy for its protagonists. The film is neither apologetic, nor is it judgemental. Through a convincing combination between form and content it showes the inner workings and twisted emotions of protagonists that we would normally instantly judge.

Format Court Award

Winner: Among Us - Guido Hendrikx
This mature documentary schoolfilm addresses a sensitive and taboo issue with originality and respect. The film questions the viewer and goes beyond mere judgment to explore with depth and perspicacity the psychological dimensions underlying a sexual deviance, opting for an innovative form and a sober narrative to give a voice to its faceless subjects.

Encouragement Award for Best Student Film
supported by the Dioraphte Foundation

Winner: Mother Earth - Piotr Zlotorowicz
It was impossible to ignore the power, raw emotion and impressive skill with which this film was made. We felt that the film touched on a classical theme, yet the filmmaker managed to surprise and move us within every aspect of this great piece of work.

Special mention: The Bigger Picture - Daisy Jacobs
Having an older sibling has always been a big issue… The convincing, fluent storytelling and original animation technique of this film left no doubts about a special mention.

MovieZone Go Short Youth Award

Winner Youth: If Mama Ain’t Happy, Nobody’s Happy - Mea de Jong

The winning film is very special and different from all the others we have seen. The characters are spontaneous and the long conversations very interesting to watch, even with only talking heads. Time flew when watching this film. This film is the best short doc we have ever seen and we recommend it to everyone!

Special mention: Tussentijd - Christian van Duuren

The characters in his film were very realistic and formed a nice contrast to each other. The tension was very good. We really were there with them in the car, waiting for the ambulance. A beautiful film with good music and camera.

Audience Award

Winner: We Can't Live Without Cosmos - Konstantin Bronzit

Go Green Award

Winner: Timber - Nils Hedinger 

This short animated film is touching and filled with humour and at the same time a multilayered story with a universal message. This film is not only about nature, but also in a broader sense about mankind. Survival of the fittest is a widely used theme in film, however Timber uses it brilliantly within 5 minutes. A beautiful yet cruel film about the circle of live represented by a group of wooden logs.

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